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The Captain's House
Macleod Terrace
Stein, Waternish
Isle of Skye
Scotland IV55 8GA

tel: 01470-592223
Stein: The village was originally established by the British Fisheries Society in 1786 as a model fishing village along with Tobermory & Ullapool. Stein was designed by Thomas Telford but, on Skye, the brave venture failed and the buildings of Stein were left to slumber on for two centuries, forming a fascinating contrast with the grandiose scheme in Telford’s master plan.

As a result, the village and its buildings are little changed, most of them being listed of architectural and historic value (including The Captain’s House). The village is also a Conservation Area with an idyllic setting on the shore.

'The Captain’s House' has its own intriguing and romantic story ...
Local legend has it that early in the 19th Century a Russian trading ship put into the loch. It's Captain fell in love with a local girl and returned later to marry her and build The Captain’s House.

It is known that by 1860 the house belonged to Captain Carl Lillia, a Russian Finn, who had married Margaret Nicolson, daughter of the local merchant at Stein on Waternish. They had three sons, the youngest of whom followed in his father's footsteps.

Norman Lillia served his time before the mast on clippers doing the China run. He went on to captain windjammers, the last and largest of the great sailing ships, later going on to serve in the Royal Navy during World War 1. His life reads like a 'Boys Own Comic' adventure story.

Their descendants still visit the house. So too, we hope, will you.

Stein is about 8 miles from Dunvegan and a little over 50 miles from the Skye Bridge; Portree is 25 miles away, with supermarkets and similar facilities.